Healthcare Trends to Watch For in 2022

May 10, 2022
Healthcare Trends to Watch For in 2022
The Pandemic tested the fortitude of the healthcare sector with challenges arising left & right. But with the modern technological advancements, the industry was able to withhold the pressure.

The Pandemic tested the fortitude of the healthcare sector with challenges arising left & right. But with the modern technological advancements, the industry was able to withhold the pressure.These procedural changes turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Here's how you can expect them to unfold in 2022:

Telemedicine expanding its roots

The Pandemic brought the physical world to its knees, forcing Healthcare to resume digitally. Despite many apprehensions, it worked. According to a report by Mckinsey, virtual visits increased 40 times in the last year.

Diabetes & Cardiology will see a significant-tech revolution this year. For short-term visits, telemedicine will soon be the norm. But it has yet to be implemented within visits for chronic diseases. In 2022, we can see the shift as innovators in the medical space are looking to make Healthcare accessible.

AI Adoption

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is a bit newer, and its adoption has been significantly slower in the space. Establishing the same kind of trust as a human professional on a machine isn't second nature.

Currently, administrative tasks, process efficiency & imaging scrutiny are what machines are used for. But with AI getting sophisticated, we can see machines perform complex tasks in 2022. It will be more of an experienced colleague than an assistant in the years ahead.

Precision Medicine & tailored health solutions

Digitization unlocked more doors in Healthcare than any revolutionary technology to date. One product within the same realm is precision or tailored-specifically-to-you medicine.

With wearable tech like Fitbit's monitoring & recording whatever goes in your body and delivering the medical data in microseconds, healthcare operators can easily create customized health plans specifically tailored to your needs.

Precision medicine is working wonders in immunotherapy for cancer & drugs specially formulated for cystic fibrosis patients.

Furthermore, some organizations are taking the 'tailored health' concept to the next level with specific laser-targeted solutions for select individuals curing chronic diseases, one patient at a time.

We at Ascada Research have been working under the same concept in treating select long-COVID patients. We have been helping people experiencing COVID symptoms months after recovery. With our team of medical specialists & advanced tech, we focus on bringing their life back to normal by providing care tailored to each patient.

Virtual Reality Revolutionizing Healthcare

Virtual Reality is no more simply fun & games. It's a serious technology used to save lives every day. Currently, VR in the healthcare space improves patient recovery time and hospital management.

In 2022, Healthcare operators are aiming to dive deep into the use of VR for complex surgery planning & treating developmental disorders.

We will also see rapid growth in skill development for doctors. Doctors can constantly improve their skills with VR rooms by getting hands-on practice in non-real environments.

Towards a healthier 2022

The Healthcare space is ever-changing, with new solutions coming in every day. Innovators & healthcare operators have been relentlessly working to save lives & create a better, healthier world. With rapid testing, collaboration & advancements will see more such trends in Healthcare emerge.

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