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Clinical Research

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Clinical research plays a major role in changing the medical landscape, finding more effective medications and treatments for diseases. At Ascada Research, the team participates in high-quality clinical research in all fields of human disease, from asthma to kidney health. To find out more about clinical research at Ascada Research and how it can benefit you, call the office in Fullerton, California, or head to our Ascada Research website.

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What is clinical research?

Clinical research is an area of medicine that studies health, illness, and medical treatments in people. The purpose of clinical research is to better understand human health and disease and to improve ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat these diseases.

Ascada Health is a multispecialty medical practice that takes an evidence-based approach to care. The team participates in clinical research to pass on the gift of health to you now and benefit the health of people in the future. 

Clinical research takes place through clinical trials, which are studies that test the efficacy and safety of new treatments for disease.

Who can participate in clinical research?

Participation in clinical research depends on the criteria set by the study. The team at Ascada Health takes part in clinical trials that cover a wide range of human diseases.

Each clinical trial has inclusion and exclusion criteria for who can participate. This helps researchers better understand how new treatments affect certain populations. 

Ascada Health encourages volunteers of all ages, backgrounds, and genders to take part in clinical research so they can help make a better world for future generations.

What are the phases of clinical research?

Clinical research that involves testing a new drug or treatment happens in phases. Each phase of a clinical trial has a specific purpose.

The phases include:

Phase I trials

Phase I trials are the first studies involving people. They include a small group (about 25 people) of healthy volunteers or people without any specific disease. The purpose of the phase I trial is to determine safe dosages and side effects.

Phase II trials

Phase II trials test to see if the new drug or treatment works against the disease it’s meant to treat. These trials include a larger group of participants — 25-100 people ― who have the same disease.

Phase III trials

Phase III trials include thousands of participants and check whether the new treatment provides consistent results against the disease. Once researchers complete phase III trials, they submit the data to the FDA for approval of the new drug or treatment.

Phase IV trials

Phase IV trials occur after the FDA approves the new treatment. With these trials, researchers evaluate the long-term effects of the drug or treatment.

Are you ready to participate in clinical research now to protect the health of others in the future? Call Ascada Research or schedule an appointment online today.

At Ascada Health and Ascada Research, we are dedicated to the advancement of the medical sciences.
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