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Telemedicine services offered in Fullerton, CA

Telemedicine makes it easy for you to talk with your health care provider when you can’t get to the office. Ascada Health in Fullerton, California, is a multispecialty medical practice with a team of experienced health professionals who provide care through telemedicine. Whether you need help managing an acute illness like COVID-19 or have questions about your medication, the team at Ascada Health can help. Call or schedule your telemedicine appointment online today.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is health care from a distance. Instead of going to your health care provider’s office, you meet remotely by phone or video call. 

With advances in telecommunication technology, getting the health care you need through telemedicine is easier than ever. Ascada Health is a primary care multispecialty medical practice that focuses on giving you high-quality care and service.

The practice includes a team of health experts trained to provide health services through telemedicine.

When can I use telemedicine?

After a quick health screening, the team at Ascada Health can help you determine when telemedicine makes a good option for you. 

The team may recommend a remote visit if you have COVID-19 and have concerns about your symptoms, or if you think you might benefit from COVID antibody infusion therapy. The team also does telemedicine screenings for patients who have symptoms and might need COVID testing.

You can also use telemedicine to talk about vaccines and whether they make a good option for you.

Your provider at Ascada Health may suggest telemedicine appointments for follow-up care for an acute illness or management of your chronic disease. 

The team may also suggest a telemedicine consultation if you’re considering specialty infusions for your rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or ulcerative colitis (UC). These visits could help if you want to know more about the wellness infusions at the multispecialty medical practice.

What can I expect during a telemedicine appointment?

Ascada Health has providers who have advanced training in telemedicine, so you can expect expert and attentive care during your remote appointment. To improve the quality of your appointment, the team requests that you find a quiet room with good lighting for your visit

During your telemedicine appointment, your provider asks detailed questions about your health concerns. They may also request health data, such as your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, or weight. They review your medical history and the types of medications you take.

Based on the information provided, the team’s recommendations may include medications and at-home care. In some situations, the team may request you to come to the office for COVID testing or further evaluation. You also need to come to the office for any infusions. 

To schedule your telemedicine appointment at Ascada Health, call the office or book online today.

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