Patients Reviews

Quick and easy. Dr was knowledgeable and answered my questions. Nurse was fast and experienced. Office was clean and pleasant.

Timothy G. | Aug 29, 2022
My experience was great! I did not have to wait when I arrived. The nurse was friendly and personable. She explained everything and was patient with all my questions. The infusion only took a few minutes, then they monitored me for an hour. The infusion room was comfortable with a nice recliner and TV. I started feeling better about 32 hours later and had no fever or other symptoms within a couple days.

SHERON M. | Aug 28, 2022
Got appointment the next day and I was seen quickly when I arrived for my appointment. Total visit was under 90 minutes. Really appreciate their help. I was feeling better the next day!

JAIME G. | Aug 26, 2022
Dr. John Harding is a very good patient doctor. I tend to talk a lot and he was very polite and listen and geared me towards getting on task for his questions I would definitely recommend him and his company

JOSE L. | Aug 18, 2022
They were very professional. They took all the precautions they could.

PHILIP K. | Aug 14, 2022
Everyone was friendly and made me feel relaxed coming there

Patricia A. | Aug 13, 2022
Very efficient and thorough!

Rosalie R. | Aug 13, 2022

DANIEL P. | Aug 13, 2022
All personnel and medical staff were knowledgeable, professional, explained everything thoroughly & were friendly.

Jan M. | Aug 12, 2022
I was referred to Ascada Health for the monoclonal IV and I am so glad that I was! Everyone was so professional and nice and made the entire experience a rather calm and pleasant one. I usually get very anxious especially when vein puncture is involved and I have to say this was the best one ever! The nurse was excellent and not one bit of bruising from the procedure! The telehealth follow up with Jon Harting was excellent and informative and answered all my questions and concerns. I would give Ascada Health 10 ⭐️ and highly recommend them!

LOURDES A. | Aug 12, 2022
The staff was very friendly and very informative on the procedure. Office very neat and was made to be very comfortable.Jon Harting, Followed up with me to check to see how I was doing and answered all my questions. He was very professional and very informative. Was a pleasure to meet the staff and Mr. Harting.

Christopher C. | Aug 12, 2022
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